Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Port-of-Spain Street Style by Maya Cozier

If you follow my blog, by now you should be familiar with the name Maya Cozier, she takes most, if not all the photos for this blog. During this summer, she interviewed different people, showcasing their unique styles across Port-of-Spain, not only did she do a excellent job at the videography, but she really captured the agglomeration of Trinidad style. I also got the opportunity to assist with the making of the short film; and also had a short and sweet appearance expressing my thoughts on the attire of our country. You can check me out at the tippy top, following Rhys Thompson, Sanian lewis, Aaron Fingal, Ceola Belix, Shannon Alonzo and Arielle Williams. Peace! Hope you get an insight to the style in TNT!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dren- Trinidad & Tobago Hip Hop Dancers launched their T-shirt collection

Here's a dancing duo from my home country Trinidad and Tobago, they launched their t-shirt line last week which showcased colorful prints with quirky slogans. The collection also included crop tops for women!  For more info and more from their t-shirt collection -:Check out their website <here>  and follow them on instagram @drenitsthehow! P.S I threw in some of their awesome dance videos!

Have a look! Enjoy!

Friday, 18 July 2014

This Weekend's Picks: 1 piece, 3 ways: How to dress up denim high waisted shorts

1 piece, 3 ways

Items available below

There's a new swimwear line in town : SummerJade Swimwear

At this point, we’ve noticed a great leap in the fashion industry of Trinidad and Tobago. Every month we are graced with new designs and collections from upcoming designers who all have something unique to present to us. This week, SummerJade Swimwear launched their debut collection of swimsuits.

 SummerJade Swimwear offers bold,

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Join The Fruity Water Craze: Stay Healthy!

How awesome is this! Yes, I know I’m a bit late, but this is my first time trying fruity flavored water . As a lover of the lemon water cleanse, I decided to try different fruits. We are always told by our doctors, dermatologists and to some extent, the entire health online network about the million and one benefits of drinking water. As of right now I am sipping on my Blueberry and green apple fruity water, whilst taking a few trips to the bathroom. 

After getting into the fruity water routine, I realized that I don’t drink any water at all, maybe a