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Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Fragrance Review

April 16, 2016


I received a sample of Ralph Lauren’s Tender Romance fragrance from Influenster for testing purposes. I’m so in love with this scent. It’s the quintessential fragrance for spring —delicate and feminine. It has a great combination of floral and sweet. It’s not overbearing to the point where you think you’re a walking flower down the street, but it gives off just enough to catch the noses of passersby.

I judge scents based on how well it’d do on a first date or a meeting or any one on one presence with someone. You know it’s good when you see the immediate nose action of the person, followed by an immediate ” what perfume are you wearing?” It’s definitely not a first date/encounter scent but more an everyday, easy on the nostrils fragrance. You can wear this to work, school or any activity you do on a daily.

I’ve been wearing it a couple of days now and I must say the only thing that’s a little disappointing is that the scent does not last very long. It’s usually gone by the middle of the day.

I would definitely recommend trying it out. Go to your local perfume store and have a whiff! You’re definitely going to fall in love.



Perfume: Ralph Lauren Tender Romance | Rings: H&M | Necklace: Sanianitos


To make this more than just a review, here are some of my shoe picks for Ralph Lauren’s Tender Romance! Neutrals will always be in, especially for spring. These rosie pinks are what you must have in your closet!

Tender Romance Picks
First Date Shenanigans! Have a little fun with some fur ball Mary Janes and white Denim skirts.

Spring date


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